Our five tips for strong mental and physical immunity!

Amid all the chaos and the (justified!) caution because of covid, we would like to give everyone a shot in the arm (literally and figuratively). Young and old, from all professional classes, we stand together. The uncertainty during this period is strange, to say the least, especially at a time when we take so much for granted. For a start-up lik ours, every blow is one that seriously threatens the still-fragile balance sheet and we hope to overcome this in one piece, stronger than ever!

For all home-sitters (team Holy Berry included) here is a list of 5 tips to take care of yourself and your surroundings during covid.


1. Be zen

Do you sometimes have trouble seeing the wood for the trees? You don't want to panic, but when you see a horde of people running to the supermarket, it feels a little odd. Our advice: Be zen, stay realistic (shops will stay open and there is enough food for everyone), and don't take unnecessary risks by going out too much. So postpone all unnecessary (shopping) visits and outings and stay inside as much as possible. Meditating (no kids allowed) can help you stay calm. The app "Headspace" is an excellent tool to get you started. Definitely worth a try!


2. Keep eating healthy

Now more than ever, it is important to eat healthy food. The stronger your immunity is, the less chance this virus has to bring you down. Rather skip those sugar-rich and fiber-poor foods and opt for the widest possible spectrum of fruit and vegetables, legumes and grains. Deep-frozen fruit and vegetables retain their vitamins and preserve for a long time. Not unimportant in a period of lockdown.

Start your day off right with a simple but nutritious smoothie bowl consisting of frozen Açai Pulp, fresh banana and a few tablespoons of plant-based yoghurt. Mix in a blender or with a hand blender and top it off with "health-boosting"  toppings such as nuts, cacao nibs, nut paste, coconut flakes, berries, seeds...

Nobody is saying that smoothies can kill the coronavirus, but they will give a boost to your immune system. And by continuing to pay attention to healthy eating, you will also feel more in control physically and mentally, a feeling for overall well-being that should not be underestimated.


3. Help your surroundings and show solidarity

If you are 100% healthy and would like to help others who are no longer able or willing to go outside, you can sign up via this link to help your neighbours: https://www.justgoe.be/bestebuur/

Nothing is nicer than taking extra care of each other in times when things are more difficult and to pause and consider the idea of having this a bit more at other times as well. Nothing pedantic, just sensitising.


4. Time for yourself

Now that many of us are sitting at home, it can be a good moment to take some time for yourself. Just set the alarm at your normal time and take off those pyjamas. Be chill but don't slouch, darlings! Read that (business) book you bought for your trip, take a power nap and roll out your yoga mat (guilt-free!) in the middle of the day. And don't forget; Breath! This may sound obvious (and it is) but many of us breathe too fast or too shallow under stress. Being aware of this and taking a slow breath in and out once in a while can do wonders!


5. A dash of music

Finally, a little music tip, because making time for music and dancing once in a while can do wonders. Just look at Italy, where the incarcerated citizens express their feelings and communicate through music. We find this simply heart-warming and inspiring! So turn up the music loud once in a while and drag the whole family onto that improvised dance floor!



Big shout out to our catering partners who do everything to let you enjoy their healthy and tasty dishes via take-away formulas! Açai bowls en smoothies “on the go” is so New York’ish,  just do it!

Also special thanks to the shopkeepers who do their utmost to complete their range so that everyone can make delicious Açai breakfasts, snacks, lunches and desserts at home and for the whole family!

Take care, be kind & hang on!

Holy Berry team

Açai as breakfast for children? That is a healthy and stress-free moment for young and old!