Every so often, you come across a company that triggers you to such an extent that you want to know more about it. One with a mission and a vision that appeal to you so much that you definitely want to be part of it. Well, Go Forest is one of them. We recently spoke with one of the three founders, Sarah Parent, and it was immediately clear: 2021 would mark the start of a collaboration between Holy Berry and this fantastic company. The fact that this growing start-up is of Belgian originmakes the collaboration even more fun.

Read and be inspired because change is often realised in small things, starting with awareness.

Some general information

Go Forest is an ambitious company with a mission to engage companies around the world in the fight against climate change, mainly throughnature conservation, restoration and reforestation.

The focus is on increasing biodiversity by planting trees, as this is one of the most important and easiest ways tocombat global warming. For the first time in the history of this planet, climate change can not be attributed to natural phenomena but to human activity. So it will also have to be man who turns the tide, and preferably today rather than tomorrow.

We are not writing this blog to bring the “bad news show”, especially now that corona is testing us immensely, but it is within this reality that companies like Go Forest can make a difference. It is a positive story, one of growing forests, employment and poverty reduction, of cooperation and structural solutions.

Modus operandi

Go Forestworks on the basis of 3 pillars: Reforestation, active prevention of tree cutting and optimal soil recovery through regenerative agriculture.They apply these 3 activities in regions where the impact of the activities is the largest. This means that they are looking for areas wheretrees can grow the fastest and therefore are the most valuable in the context of the climate issue. After all, if a tree grows faster, it can also absorb CO2 more quickly in its trunk, roots and soil. One of the factors to consider when choosing a region is for example the humidity. The Amazon forest is such an interesting region and let it just bethe home of our berries 🙂

In addition to the above three pillars, there isa fourth aspectthat Go Forest is rightly proud of, and that is the employment opportunities created by the trees bringing by-products such as fruit, medication or essential oils. Because the local population can sell them at attractive prices to for example cosmetics companies, they are actively combating poverty and at the same time protecting the trees from logging practices.

Role of companies

Companies have a special power due to their economy of scale namely the power of example. Good or bad, they can get people within their organisation and beyond to change their behaviour. When a company commits itself to a good cause, this trickles down through its entire network and its impact is greater than the financial support of that company alone. It also inspires and motivatesother companies and that’s what Go Forest is all about: They want to hear from as many companies as possible. Create“Leaders for a greener world” by showing them in a very accessible and transparent way how they can directly influence climate change (CO2 uptake) through funding (money). Go Forest is assisted by CO2logic, an expert in climate impact calculation, and is in the process of developinga blockchain app that NGOs around the world can use to increase the transparency of their activities and better measure their impact.

Side-effect of corona

Not much good can be said about corona, but what can be said is that this crisis has started a certain movement. More than ever, people went out into nature in search of peace, contact or a sporting outlet. Companies have also noticed this switch and,despite tight budgets, are increasingly focusing on sustainable activities. After all, a large part of their own and their employees’ future is in their hands and they realise that every contribution counts. Every tree counts.

Our very own Holy Berries

Now we come to the (for us personally) apotheosis of this blog. If all goes well and corona doesn’t keep us in its grip any longer, we would have our own Açai palms planted by Go Forest this year! If it is up to us, this will be a very long-term cooperation and we hope, by growing, to contribute more and more to the activities of Go Forest. Our Açai berries will always come from our loyal partners, but the idea that somewhere in the Amazon forest Holy Berry Açai palms are growing, which we helped to plant, feels very good. And we promise you: As soon as our first Açai palm is planted, we will send more than one picture into the world as extremely proud parents would do!


Read all and more out Go Foreston on their beautiful websitehttps://www.goforest.be/nl.

If you are interested in joining us in becoming a “leader for a greener world” (this is possible from a very small contribution), please contact the ever sympathetic and enthusiastic Sarah Parent at sarah@goforest.be.