Vous avez un mode de vie sportif et vous aimez beaucoup l’Açaï(ou vous en êtes accro) ? Alors ce blog est pour vous ! Nous partageons avec vous nos plats d’entraînement Açai préférés qui, grâce à leur composition en protéines, glucides et acides gras, offrent parfaitement au corps ce dont il a besoin avant ou après un bon entraînement. Because even though few Açai dishes can match a good Açai bowl, it’s always nice to alternate sometimes. Sometimes, usually not… #Açaibowladdictspeaking

Those who do sports, eat Açai 🙂

By now, most of you have already discovered how Açai helps during sports. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, try an Açai bowl before your workout. You will be amazed at the energy boost you get from these unique berries. And also after a physical effort, Açai provides your body with the necessary additives for a good recovery. This is due to the high concentration of nutrients, including proteins, 19 amino acids, antioxidants and essential omega fatty acids, all of which are hidden in this berry.

Here are our 7 favorite Açai sports recipes that will make you shine even harder during your workouts!

1) Chocolate Açai Bowl

A healthy sports recipe with chocolate…. Hard to believe! But yes, it’s absolutely possible and this recipe proves it. The reason has to do with the special nutritional profile of cocoa. Did you know that cocoa contains even more antioxidants than Açai and that it is precisely these antioxidants that are so important when you exercise? When you exercise, free radicals are released, which are substances that damage our cells. If they are not produced in excessive quantities, there is no need to worry (so keep exercising!) But it is important to “defuse” these free radicals as much as possible through a diet rich in antioxidants. Two of the greatest natural sources of antioxidants are Açai and cocoa. The perfect excuse to justify this chocolate (and Açai) addiction 🙂

You can find the recipe here.

2) Açai Overnight Oats

Rien n’est plus agréable que d’avoir un repas sain prêt à l’emploi avant ou après une bonne séance d’entraînement. Il suffit de le sortir du réfrigérateur et de le déguster avec délice. Eh bien, cet Açai Overnight Oats (= plat à base de flocons d’avoine avec de l’Açaï que vous conservez au réfrigérateur pendant la nuit) est un repas tellement sain et délicieux pour les sportifs. Très facile à préparer et plein de nutriments pour en faire un autre coup d’éclat d’une séance de sport. En plus de l’açai, les flocons d’avoine et le miel sont également de véritables super aliments. Une cuillerée de miel de qualité contient des nutriments extrêmement importants et les flocons d’avoine sont une source de fibres saines.

You can find this super easy and healthy recipe here.

3) Açai Boost Smoothie

A smoothie to boost your workout. The name of this recipe says it all! This dish contains everything you need to perform at your best and is perfect to take with you in a shaker or thermos on your way to the gym. Strawberries, raspberries & Açai as toppers in red fruit, supplemented with extra protein from the (vegetable) protein powder and from the hemp seeds. Because did you know that in addition to healthy fats, hemp seeds are rich in protein? And they give this smoothie an extra nice “bite” too!

Find the recipe here and treat yourself!

4) Açai-Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

For this Acai bowl, we don’t use juice or milk but coconut yogurt and coconut water. Why so much coconut, we hear you think. Well, when you exercise, you sweat (most of the time anyway). This is perfectly normal and feels good, but the idea is to recover lost moisture as quickly as possible. Coconut water (especially the fresh variety) is packed with electrolytes that hydrate the body particularly intensely, making it an ideal liquid during or after exercise. Et pourquoi le yaourt à la noix de coco ? Just because it’s delicious and nutritious 🙂

Find the recipe for this Açai and blueberry smoothie bowl here.

5) Açai Chia pudding

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, you can take that literally with this little recipe. Just try it and you will see, this pudding is delicious and oh so nutritious! The jelly consistency is obtained by soaking the chia seeds overnight in the plant-based milk. That chia seeds also contain protein makes them even more special. Also, the peanuts in peanut butter (peanuts, by the way, are not nuts but legumes) are rich in protein so let those muscles grow!

Read here how to make this recipe.

6) Post Work Açai Bowl

Açai and lime juice, are you kidding me?! No, not this time. It turns out to be a heavenly combination, at least for those who like a little “zing” in their dishes (and lives). Lime juice is packed with vitamin C which is not only hugely healthy but also ensures that the Açai bowl stays lighter in color for longer. In addition, banana is one of the greatest sources of potassium and vitamin B6 that helps the body recover after an intense sports session.

Discover this delicious combination here.

7) Tartelettes Açaï à base de granola

Vous voulez une tarte? Ah oui, pourquoi pas?! And indeed, why not! In life you have to enjoy and especially when it is healthy enjoyment. An Açai-based tartlet with a granola base, ideal to take with you to snack on before or after your workout. We quickly sum up the power foods for you:

  • Dates: a force of nature, ideal for sweetening dishes in a healthy way.
  • Oats: source of high fiber and slow carbohydrates
  • Açai: Meanwhile, you know why, right?
  • Blueberry: in addition to Açai, it is also very rich in antioxidants.
  • Coconut fat: interesting composition of the fat with many important nutrients

Find the recipe for these pies here.