There are few things more blissful to start the day with than a delicious Açai bowl! This fresh blend of frozen Açai pulp with other fruits is a more nutritious alternative to the familiar “yogurt with fruit” breakfast. An Açai bowl makes everyone (yes, even the little ones!) jump out of bed with joy. But an Açai bowl can also be eaten perfectly as a light lunch, hunger-quenching snack or healthy dessert! As you can tell, any time of day is a good time to get your dose of Açai power! But did you know that Açai berries can be used perfectly in a lot of other sweet and salty dishes? Well, for the ignorant this blog. Read and be (surprised) by some wonderful Açai creations !

Good taste is the enemy of creativity

If Pablo Picasso is to be believed, we shouldn’t even start. Because, as healthy as Açai may be, “healthy suffering” is really not for us. We go for delicious and healthy (and preferably also sustainable). Being creative for the sake of being creative is not what this blog is about, it is about demonstrating that Açai, like any other berry for that matter, can be used in a lot of great dishes. You might think that because the berries are only available frozen, the preparation options are more limited but that is anything but true! We, but especially the creative people behind the dishes in this blog, have not been discouraged and with these sublime recipes, we give Picasso a lashing! Let’s create, people!

Top Açai combo’s

When you look at the composition and nutritional profile of Açai, you quickly notice that this is no ordinary berry. It starts with the enormous kernel that is hidden in this berry, more than 90% of the volume of Açai consists of the kernel! So you can already think of how many thousands of berries are in a 100g bag of Açai pulp and how it is that our Açai pulp is so enormously nutritious. Take this together with the fact that Açai contains no fruit sugars and is very rich in omega fatty acids, and the link with olives, cocoa, avocado, and other healthy toppers is quickly made. The special taste of Açai matches very well with many obvious but also less obvious ingredients.

In this blog, we are mainly concerned with that second category and want to inspire you with some fun combinations. For example, did you know that Açai berries go tremendously well with all kinds of nut butters? Also speculoos spices (or speculoos paste), cinnamon, and even ginger click “tastebud wise” tremendously well with Açai! And for those who really want to go all out, try pairing an Açai dish with a good glass of red wine. You’re going to be amazed by how deliciously these two sources of pleasure go together. This is mainly due to the polyphenols that both Açai and wine are enormously rich in.

Naturals in their professions

Under the motto “cobbler stick to your last” we will stick to some nice tips and leave the real work to some naturals in their professions. Creative minds who don’t shy away from creating unorthodox flavor combinations and elevating them to heavenly dishes. We would like to briefly introduce these naturals. You can find their recipes on our recipe page.

Açai Iced Tea

“Sunshine in a glass”; that’s how we describe this wonderfully refreshing yet über healthy drink. The ever-enthusiastic natural, Olivia of Fitfoodness, creatively combines the flavor of green tea with that of our Açai berries. Boil water and add the honey and teabag. By the way, did you know that both ingredients are particularly high in antioxidants and honey is a great source of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Find the recipe here.


Apple crumble, pear crumble, rhubarb crumble (and a scoop of ice cream, please :)) … but how about Açai crumble! Sounds like heaven to us! The ravishing chef, Morgane of Humbly by Morgane, thought the same way and developed this healthy dessert without refined sugars but full of flavor!

You can discover this sublime recipe here!

Stuffed sweet potato with velvety Açai dressing and fresh herbs

Here is another proof that our Açai berries can be perfectly incorporated into savory dishes. The combination of sweet potato, Açai, and spices is one that makes us coo with delight. Josefien of Yosogreen, who specializes in raw food and herbalism, shows with this creative dish that she is a real natural. What a fantastic dish!

Find all the ingredients here and get started!

Açai bowl cubes

An Açai bowl in a bite-sized chunk or rather bite-sized cube. How cool is that! It couldn’t be helped that this creative dish came from the pretty little head of natural, Barbara of Les Petites Pestes. You don’t need more than the ingredients for a classic Açai bowl and a square silicone mold (which you normally use to make ice cubes) to make this original recipe. But it is precisely in that simplicity that creativity lies! And if you stick a wooden stick through it, it becomes an Açai popsicle!

The bite-sized recipe is here

Summer Açai Terrine

The name of this dish says it all! This beautiful terrine is so pretty and light you can almost see summer in it! Annelies of Nectar Studio is as talented at recipe creation as she is at food photography. So a true expert in her field! A terrine can basically be served as a light lunch, snack, or dessert (see the similarity with an Açai bowl) but the fact that Açai is processed in it makes this version a real superfood and feel-good dish!

Taste the summer and find the recipe quickly!

Açai Chia Jam

The natural behind this recipe is the talented jack-of-all-trades Anna Santens. For her, Açai equals good energy! With this delicious Açai Chia Jam she demonstrates like no other that Açai can also be used perfectly as a spread. So, do you have an energy dip during the day? No worries, Açai power is on its way!

Find the delicious recipe here.


Huge thanks to the naturals in their professions for these great recipes! We hope these delicious dishes inspire and encourage you to get creative yourself with our special berries. We would love it if you would share your recipes with us via social media or via email to! And who knows, maybe they will get a spot on our recipe page (with mention of the creator of course :)).