Hello Sarah, first of all thank you very much for taking the time to see us.

Not easy to plan this with a newborn son.
How are you and Georges?

All right now, thank you! I have not been able to do any sport for a year, mainly because my blood levels were so low after the pregnancy (Sarah had to have 6 blood transfusions in total but is now fully recovered). I recently started running again and that makes me really happy! During pregnancy, that was one of the things I was most looking forward to getting back to. I am also lucky that Georges started sleeping through very quickly so my nights are good too. We are really lucky! He is a happy baby and after 5 weeks he could already roll from stomach to back. He is such a mature baby and it is great fun to follow all the developments so closely.

It is often the case, especially with the first child, that the parents’ lives change completely. For example, you often accompanied Wout. This is no longer possible. What do you miss most about that period?

It is actually mainly because of Corona that I cannot go along with Wout, more than because of Georges. Because when Georges was just two months old, I travelled with Wout to Italy and that actually went very well. I am lucky that my Ltd. (Sarah does the marketing and publicity for Wout) allowed me to come along and I was really happy about that. Especially for Wout, so that he doesn’t have to miss out on everything from Georges’ first months of life.

When you have a child, personal projects are often put on hold. What were you doing before you became a mother?

Just before I became pregnant, I had enrolled in a graphic design course. Because the course was based on self-study, I could follow it from a distance when I came along with Wout. First because of the pregnancy and then because of Georges, I have not yet been able to start the course, but as soon as I can, I will start it! I really want to do this course because I often have ideas for our clothing line (Sarah and Wout have started a clothing line called “Panache” for the supporters of Wout), but because I can’t design myself, I always have to outsource them. I would really like to design something myself and be creative.

Can you tell us more about that clothing line?

It is not a clothing line for athletes, but for supporters (laughs). We wanted to do more with this line than the typical supporter clothes, which are often not that nice (laughs), so we really put the effort into developing a nice logo and working with nice colours so that the clothes are also really nice. We wanted to give it a different dimension and play into certain courses which are then ‘limited edition’ etc. I used to do everything myself from labelling and packing, but because the line has grown so fast, we have had to outsource this. So it started as an extra, but has grown into much more than that.

Besides Georges and Wout, sport is also a great love of yours, combined with healthy eating. What is your favourite sport and cuisine?

My favourite sport is basketball. I played basketball for a long time, but I stopped because the combination with Wout’s schedule became too difficult. I do miss it sometimes, especially because it is a team sport, but fortunately I enjoy many other sports. I currently do Pilates and also cycle regularly, sometimes together with Wout. He cycles with a bike that has a certain resistance so that we have a bit of the same pace. Otherwise, this would be impossible for me to do (laughs). Our favourite cuisine is Italian. Especially the purity of Italian cuisine appeals to us enormously.

When Wout is at home, do you cook for him?

Yes, most of the time. The focus then is on healthy cuisine, which is of course to be expected for a top athlete. I never follow a recipe and always start experimenting, fortunately usually with a good result because I have never heard Wout complain (laughs).

We are delighted that our Açai berries regularly appear on your menu. For us, that really is a dream come true because, as a healthy food brand, we love nothing more than to have professional athletes put our berries on their menu. After all, they know their bodies like no other and can feel the effect of nutrition on their performance. How do you like to eat Açai?

We prefer to eat Açai as pure as possible. I usually use the Açai berries that I mix with fresh banana, a little milk and that’s it. For me, I sometimes add a scoop of protein powder to the mix, but this is not necessary for Wout because he builds muscle too quickly and needs to limit his protein intake. Wout prefers to eat an Açai bowl during the day because he likes to eat warm in the morning. What we will certainly try again is to add the Açai berries to warm oatmeal in order to make the perfect breakfast for Wout.

On the other hand, I find the Açai bowl mixes (150g bags of Açai with other fruit) very convenient when I am alone with Georges and have little time to prepare something or get food in the house. I just have to mix a sachet like that with some milk or yoghurt and it’s ready. Super convenient! I also ate a lot of Açai during my pregnancy and I have a famously good son, so I recommend it to my pregnant friends (laughs).

Dear Sarah, thank you very much for this very nice interview. I wish you much success with your projects, your beautiful son and of course also for Wout. May he win many more races. Hopefully our super berries can give him an extra push now and then 🙂

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