It is with great pride that we introduce the two new jewels in the Holy Berry range:

Our “No mixer” smoothie bowls


And if they are jewels! We are happy to explain the idea behind this new range in this short but powerful blog.

Start at the beginning

What is a smoothie bowl? A preparation based on (frozen) fruit mixed with some liquid or (plantbased) yoghurt that is usually finished off with toppings such as granola, seeds, nut paste, coconut flakes, fresh fruit, … A smoothie bowl is an ideal breakfast to kick-start your day but can be eaten throughout the day, even up to dessert. When you use frozen fruit pieces for your smoothie bowl, it has a slightly frozen texture, which reminds you of a delicious ice cream. And who wouldn’t want that for breakfast!

It literally takes 3 minutes to prepare and you really don’t need a super deluxe blender. A large pot and a powerful hand blender will do the trick! And that is precisely why smoothie bowls are so popular with children and their parents. It is an enormously nutritious breakfast that can be prepared in minutes and for the whole family. Pour everything together, mix it up, put toppings on the table and finish off! Delicious, easy and ooooh-so healthy. Sometimes, you CAN have the cake and eat it too 🙂




Açai bowl als the queen of the smoothie bowls

Açai, you know, that super healthy blueberry full of nutrients with a unique taste. Well, we think these berries are essential in the perfect smoothie bowl. Why is that? Well, because Açai is so rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids but while also low in natural sugars, this berry variety provides long-lasting satiety. Try it yourself and you will see, no hungerpains in the next few hours. So it should come as no surprise that we have incorporated our Açai berries into this new range. As there can only be one Holy Berry, Amen!



Fancy a smoothie bowl but…

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you want it to and there are obstacles that prevent you from preparing your smoothie bowl.

Here are some possible scenarios:

OR You are in the mood for a delicious and healthy smoothie bowl but you are “mixer-less” (yes, that’s a thing)

OR You’re in a super rush and the very idea of having to take out the blender to prepare your smoothie bowl causes you extra stress (don’t need that).

OR You don’t want to make any noise at all because the kids and/or your partner are still sleeping and the sound of the hand blender is not really a cosy alarm clock (as if cosy alarm clocks existed…NOT)


Here’s our solution:

Our 2 “no mixer” smoothie bowls!With these 2 (if we may say so ourselves) delicious products, you can prepare your smoothie bowl in no time. Did we say “make”? There is no making to it! The bags contain balls (also called “drops” after their respective drop shapes) that contain all the ingredients of a super deluxe smoothie bowl. From our very own Açai (dahhh!) to other topfruits like pink pitaya, blueberries, passion fruit, sweet cherry, …and even some plantbased yoghurt for that extra creamy texture. No preservatives, refined sugars or animal products (vegan, in other words) and with our premium and sustainable Açai berries incorporated.



The manual

There has never been such a short manual. In one sentence, all the guidance you need:Pour the desired amount of drops into a bowl, let them thaw, stir and finish with toppings!
Defrosting can be done the night before, but it is also possible to defrost it briefly in the microwave. The thawed drops then get a nice yoghurt thickness, ideal to carry that mountain of toppings (choosing is losing).
As promised: No other ingredients or mixer required. Well, we couldn’t help it if you choose a name like that… 😉



Do you like your smoothie bowl like an ice cream?

We get you! And of course this can be done too. Just mix the frozen drops with some water, (plantbased) milk or yoghurt et voila! Jouw extra frisse smoothie bowl is klaar! We may not call it a “no mixer” smoothie bowl, but who cares! As long as it is enjoyed in all its fragrance and colours! And speaking of colours, these 2 smoothie bowls each have a beautiful colour, which steals the slogan “Colours your day” right from VTM!





Go get them and enjoy, our friends! We hope you will like them!

From September 2021 we will start to make the Spar shops customers one by one (feel free to ask for that extra push) and from November in all OKAY shops!

Bye’kes & Love,

Het Holy Berry team