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Holy Berry and Insentials meet

Amandine De Paepe, nutritionist, biomedicalist and founder of Insentials, tells us in this blog about how she helps women to lead a healthy life by supplementing nutrient deficiencies.

95% of women suffer from a vitamin deficiency. This fact is one of the reasons of the foundation of Insentials. Our starting point is that every woman is unique just as her body. It is therefore important that we learn to understand our body and that we discover our specific needs. That is why I developed a scientifically substantiated and unique self-test with which you get a personal vitamin plan that is based on targeted questions.” – Amandine de Paepe from Insentials –

How did Insentials come about?

“I have had a great passion for nutrition and health from an early age. I successfully marketed a number of nutritional supplements during my career as a biomedical and nutritionist in the pharmaceutical sector. This fueled my passion for supplements and nutrition and that is why I decided to launch Insentials in 2021.

What do you want to achieve with Insentials?

“Taking vitamins is important, but it is even more important to know which combinations are possible, that is exactly the strength of Insentials In addition to a dose of Smart Insentials, we will give youa personal test that will clearly show which vitamins your body needs. This will not only help you to be healthier, but also help you to feel better. That’s my goal with Insentials. I want to help women preventively and in a holistic way to supplement their deficiencies and essential vitamins. This help will be based on a personal screening.”


What exactly is “Smart Insentials Vitamins”?

“This multivitamin only contains nutrients that you really need. Most multivitamins contain 20+ ingredients that are dosed too low. Besides that, you already have enough of them true your daily food. Our vitamins contain only 6, in optimal dosage. This gives you a better vitamin absorption in your body.”


In your practice you work holistically. We also see this reflected in the Insentials logo. What do the 5 dots of the Insentials logo represent?
  • Eten (food): Healthy food is the foundation of a healthy life.
  • Exercise: A well-functioning body also needs its dose of exercise.
  • Expertise: You should not just take medication, but have the right knowledge.
  • Ecologie: The vitamins are supplied in attractive, refillable glass jars.
  • Essentialise:Healthy food is no longer sufficient these days. You also need supplements.

Those 5 “e” holistic approach ensures that every point gets the necessary attention and that everything is done as it should be.


Holy Berry believes that a healthy body is a well-functioning body. Still, you recomend to detox your body regularly? Why do you think this is so important?

“A detox cure helps your body eliminate toxins. Your liver needs energy, which it gets from antioxidants such as vitamins and minerals, to reset your body. One of the most powerful antioxidants is Glutathione. This substance neutralizes free radicals and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Indispensable if you want to keep your body clean!

In addition, detoxing not only has a positive effect on your body but also resets your mind. I especially recommend taking a detox cure with every change of season.”


We have a box that specifically bets on this. What exactly does the Detox Boost of Insentials consist of?

“Our Detox Boost is a proven antioxidant supplement for the liver. This helps to detoxify your body in an efficient & natural way. This detox will make you feel more energetic, something that everyone would like. Our Detox Boost contains milk thistle, artichoke, choline and glutathione for optimal liver detox and elimination of your body toxins.”


We have already heard and seen that you are a fan of our Acai berries! That is really great! Why do you like Açai ?

“It is a high nutrient and has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The Acai berry is a superfood that I like to have for breakfast. Despite being a strong supporter of intermittent fasting, I have to eat in the morning. I always get up very early. That is why breakfast is one of the most important meals of my day. Holy Berry products are very practical for this. Very healthy and quickly ready!”


Do you want to discover more about Insentials? Discover their website!