Açai Bowl Mixes

Choose one of our 3 açai bowl mixes and make your delicious açai bowl in no time.

The açai berry pulp is shaped into small balls which makes mixing easy.


Açai Berries

300 grams

Only pure Açai pulp bullets, no other fruit!

Balls made of the pure Açai berry, which tastes rich with hints of blueberry and chocolate. For endless creation. One pack is sufficient for three bowls.


Açai ● Banana ● Blueberry

150 grams

A mix of 100g Açai pulp balls, 30g banana slices and 20g blueberries.

One of the most popular recipes for Açai bowls. Creamy sweet Açai vibes. One pack is sufficient for one bowl.


Açai ● Mango ● Raspberry

150 grams

A mix of 100g Açai pulp balls,, 30g mango cubes and20g raspberry.

Ultimate tropical flavours with fresh-sour raspberry. Discover and dream away. One pack is sufficient for one bowl.

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