Açai Pulp Packs

These packs contain and come in 100g Açai berry pulp and come in 2 varieties.

This Açai pulp can be used frozenor meltedin your favorite Açai dish!

Açai Pack Guarana


Delicious and nutritious blend according to the traditional Brazilian recipe. We added a hint of raw organic cane juice to the high-quality açai pulp for a mildly sweet aroma and a dose of organic guarana juice for a light energy boost.


Açai Pack Pure


100% pure açai pulp of “special grade” premium quality. These packs contain the highest grade of strong Açai pulp and taste very similar to raw cacao.


Looking for inspiring recipes?

Discover our delicious recipes, from nutritious Açai breakfast bowls to fresh sport shakes and other easy dishes for the whole family! Your daily portion of Açai, enjoyable at any time of the day!