Holy Berry sponsors RSC Anderlecht

Why RSC Anderlecht? No! Not because of the purple colour! That the purple colour of Açai perfectly matches the purple colour of the club is a pleasant coincidence.

As you can read in the interview with Stephanie Scheirlynck, RSC Anderlecht has been working on healthy nutrition for quite some time and even gives training about this topic to their players, all under the watchful eye of the club dietician, Stephanie.

They believe that a moderate, but well-founded approach to nutrition is the best guarantee for fit players and good performance. In addition, they see nutrition as a long-term investment that will pay off in any case. Clearly no quick fixes!

So it is not surprising that they are open to food that scores highly on nutritional value. Natural food, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc., is regularly on the players’ menu.

Açai’s special composition and its tasty, versatile preparation has won the hearts of the club’s chef and dietician, and for several months now, the berries have been shining almost daily on the breakfast buffet. It is one of the most favourite breakfast items, proving once again that healthy eating can also be extremely delicious and accessible.

And no, it is not just because they have Açai on their menu that we sponsor them, but because we have strong common values! We are therefore very proud to say that the players of RSC Anderlecht start their day with our Açai!

Did you know that in 100g frozen Açai pulp there are thousands of Açai berries!
The Açai berries consist of 95% stone and the only thing left over after pitting is the skin and the flesh just below the skin. In order to obtain 100g of pure Açai pulp, large quantities of Açai berries must be pitted, which explains why the pulp is so nutritious.

Haven’t tested Açai yet?
Then quickly discover our different Açai products. There is something for everyone!

Sports nutrition tips from the sports dietitian of RSC Anderlecht

Stephanie Scheirlynck is a certified dietician and nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition. She provides nutritional support to top athletes such as Jasper Stuyven and Nafi Thiam and also supports the football team RSC Anderlecht and the cycling team Trek-Segafredo. Thanks to these experiences, she has been able to show that nutrition clearly has an impact on sports performance. How Stephanie has built her career and why nutrition (and yes, also our Açai berries) is so important if you exercise regularly, you can read here!
How did Stephanie Scheirlynck’s career start?

“After my education I really wanted to start coaching professional athletes, because this world really appealed to me. However, this did not exactly go smoothly because many sport teams assumed that they already had the best materials, physiotherapy, coaches, house. They therefore did not see the need to also include nutrition in their guidance. In 2009 I was allowed to start with the Lotto cycling team. During that period, I was able to really develop myself and prove, above all, that nutrition does have an impact on sports performance. The experience at Lotto also got other teams interested in professional nutritional coaching and that’s how the ball started rolling.”

How does it work?

“I monitor the players individually, mainly by measuring their body composition. Together with the chef, I decide what will be on the buffet and when we play out, I call the hotels and send them the menu we would like our players to have. Anderlecht also has the ambition to map out a nutrition path in which players, from the U9 to joining the A-core, are trained in nutrition so that they can decide for themselves what they need and when. This freedom, based on a good knowledge of nutrition, also extends to the club, where we work in buffet style and everyone chooses for themselves.”

Match your diet to your activity!

“It’s mainly about matching your nutrition to what you do from sport. If you are going to exercise today, adjust your breakfast or lunch accordingly. Eat more than usual and possibly take a hot meal with you for lunch. You have to anticipate because in this way the energy needed to properly finish your workout will be present. Especially don’t obsessively adapt your diet. This is not sustainable in the long term and, above all, creates a lot of unnecessary stress.”

Healthy eating, so less tasty eating?

“Eating healthily certainly does not mean eating less tasty! You have to choose food that suits your sporting activity, and making that food tasty is certainly not unimportant! Tasty food is especially important for the mental aspect involved in sport and for its long-term effects. To help people and athletes with this, I have written a few cookbooks that help people improve their sports performance through the right food. More and more people are exercising and what you eat plays a crucial role in achieving good results. The books in combination with the online platform “Hello Champ” ensure that people with a sporting challenge eat more correctly and therefore also perform better.”



3 nutrition tips if you exercise


TIP 1:Match your nutrition to your training. In your dinner already looking at what you are going to do of sports the next day. On the day you are going to exercise, eat a banana instead of an apple as a snack or have pasta instead of salad for lunch.



TIP 2: Recuperation is very important. Even if it is already late at night, make a smoothie with protein or some fruit. Caution: This will only be enough if you have already recharged sufficient throughout the day.



TIP 3: Everything is possible, balance is key! It is better to still eat fries and enjoy them than to skip them completely. But, do this at a good time, for example, on your rest day.


Why Açai from Holy Berry on the A-core menu?

Apart from the nutritional aspect of Açai, which of course is and remains the essence for me, it is a very attractive product. It is a very accessible way to get lots of fibre, antioxidants and omega fatty acids without requiring any effort from the players (on the contrary, they enjoy eating it). At the club we decorate it nicely with fruit and granola and it flies out the door. It’s the most chosen item on the breakfast buffet. Healthy and delicious!


Did you know that Holy Berry has been the official sponsor of R.S.C. Anderlecht since the beginning of this year? We are so proud of that! There is nothing more interesting than working with professional athletes to find out the effect of Açai on their health and performance. And the fact that the color of Açai matches the color of Anderlecht very well is pure coincidence 😉



Your best body after your 40th with Ellen Charlotte Marie

After the age of 40, you may start to feel some changes in your body. Where you used to run from here to there without even being slightly out of breath, you now notice that you better sit down for a minute. This is because your cells do not repair themselves as quickly, you often start to lose some muscle mass and hormonal changes also occur. Now, don’t panic, this is completely normal and everyone suffers from it to a greater or lesser degree. For all of them, the new book by Ellen Charlotte Marie called “Your best body after your 40th“. Through this book, Ellen shows that you can be or become your best self at any age. We all grow older, but how you grow older is largely up to you!

Your best body after your 40th - Holy Berry“In my book, I share practical informative tips and benefits of strength training for women (and men) over 40, and I always pair this with some of my favorite plant-based recipes. This book was written mainly to motivate people in the best part of their lives (at least I think so :)), to take control and decide for themselves how they want to get older. Whether you are forty and still brimming with energy or have just blown out sixty candles and one day your body struggles more than the next, now is the time to challenge your body and literally strengthen it!”

Until 2019, strength training was completely unknown territory for Ellen. She had been doing sports regularly, but mainly running and swimming. The reason she started strength training was from a deep need to become stronger. Very quickly she felt herself getting stronger both physically and mentally and it continues to challenge her. In the book, she refutes the myth that training with weights and resistance bands is only for bodybuilders or tough men. Ellen proves that tough ladies also exist!


10 tips if you want to start strength training after your 40th:
  1. Get proper guidance if strength training is new to you
  2. Build up gradually but consistently
  3. Follow your evolution with pictures
  4. Provide an enthusiastic sports buddy
  5. Buy nice sport outfits
  6. Walk your own path, don’t compare with others
  7. Follow some motivational gym influencers
  8. Set goals for yourself
  9. Eat healthy and balanced meals with sufficientprotein-rich food
  10. Enjoy and have fun!!
Not only train, but also eat healthy!

Ellen’s kitchen can be summarised as healthy, easy and delicious. Almost all of her recipes are lactose and gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, and contain no refined sugars. Ideal if you want to start cooking healthier for yourself or your family. The beautiful photos make us hungry already!

Especially for our Holy Berry readers, Ellen Charlotte Marie shared with us a delicious and especially healthy recipe from her book “Your best body after your 40th”.

Discover the recipe for her Açai Cacao bowl here!



Want to discover more about Bruges foodie Ellen Charlotte Marie and one of the most popular Flemish foodies? Then follow her on her Instagram-page. She often shares great tips with her + 127 000 followers. Be one of them!

Want to know more about the start of Ellen’s adventure? Read the interview with her here.



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Food tips for sport by Ien Vitse from Jumbo Visma

Ien Vitse a self-employed entrepreneur and FoodCoach with the Pro Cycling Team Jumbo Visma. Both nutrition and sports have always been two passions of her. After her studies as a dietitian, she specialized to become a sports dietitian and followed a chef training. Shortly after, she founded Food For Athletes. Sport and nutrition were obviously her passion and she wanted to pass on that passion and knowledge to both amateur and top athletes. Since 2019 she has been on the road 130 days a year as ‘Performance Chef at Jumbo Visma’, the team of, among others Wout Van Aert, our national hero. She is responsible for calculating and preparing the nutrition, but she also sits at the table with them to determine the nutrition strategies. Since 2021 she has a second company, ‘Sports Granola’.

Why do you think nutrition is so important when exercising?

Nutrition is the fuel for the body. Look at it this way; if you’ve misfuelled your car, it’s just not running very well. Fortunately, our bodies are just a bit smarter than a car and can convert the wrong fuel into the right one, but it takes time, energy and oxygen. If you’re going for a jog with friends and it’s mostly about the nice chat, then do your thing and eat what you like! But, if you want to run sharp times or have a specific goal in mind, then you better start fueling right. You don’t have to weigh everything down to the gram like the Team Jumbo Visma riders do, but having an idea of how the basics of sports nutrition are put together makes a big difference. Besides ‘refueling’, nutrition plays a very important role in recovery.

What should you pay attention to in order to get optimal results from your sports session?

Carbs are key! After all, it is those carbohydrates that are the fuel for your muscles. Nowadays it’s hard to see the wood for the trees with so many different diets and carbohydrates are looked upon as the devil. But, believe me, Wout (Van Aert) has never won a stage by avoiding carbs.

So, what is best in terms of recovery?

In function of your recovery, you need mainly proteins. Also carbohydrates if you do sports again tomorrow. Try to act normal when it comes to food. Extremes are never good and ‘magic bullets’ do not exist. Start with the basics, make sure you have a healthy diet. This doesn’t mean that you can never eat something less healthy.

So how does that translate specifically into foods before and after exercise?

Before exercise think about a banana, 2 slices of gingerbread, some (light) brown bread with honey, jam or apple-pear syrup, a pancake with brown sugar or -if you feel like it- a handful of wine gums. I’m not just giving the ‘healthiest’ options, but they are all sources of carbohydrates that will help you during your workout. Proteins and fats you’d rather leave out at that point. First because they are not the ideal fuel, but also because fats slow down digestion and proteins make you somewhat tired. But as I said, ‘you do you’ and do it your way.

After exercise, it is very good to get some protein. Think of 200 grams of low-fat quark or Skyr with some fruit and granola. Proteins are a building material and can help you to rebuild your muscles and recover properly. It will especially ensure that you have less muscle pain and that you will be fresher tomorrow to possibly start exercising again.

Açai often shows up on your own menu and those of pro athletes. Why does this fit well into your/their diet?

That’s an easy question. Because I like it and so do the athletes! Especially on a rest day, it’s an ideal way to boost the volume of breakfast a bit without making the calories very high. On rest days they can eat much less than on days they cycle 5 to 8 hours and then Açai is the rescue. Açai brings so many benefits. Since I give Açai bowls for breakfast on rest days I don’t hear them complaining about the portion size and the high antioxidants help them recover faster on a rest day.

Can you tell us a little more about Sports Granola?

In 2021 the idea arose of starting a second business, so ‘Sports Granola’ was born. My granola for athletes has been on the market for a few months now and is for sale in bike stores and through my webshop. For now, I do everything myself, from baking, packaging, marketing,… Only the shipping is done by my husband when I’m abroad with the team. Combining the Açai bowl with some Sports Granola is a perfect combination.



Skincare tips from Cîme

From day creams to lotions… There are endless skincare products out there. Which products are best suited for your unique skin? We asked the 2 ladies of the Belgian skincare brand Cîme this question. Read on quickly and who knows, your skin might start to shine.


Before we start talking about skincare, can you tell us how Cîme came alive?

“It all started in the Himalayan Mountains, when I was travelling there. The beautiful region and especially the unique mountain plants with their unmatched extracts and oils were so inspiring that I started thinking about launching a range of natural skin care products, without nasty ingredients, but purely based on the power of nature. The idea of developing something where local traditional knowledge and modern science reinforce each other gave me energy and I couldn’t wait to get started. Once back home, I presented this idea to my friend Isabel. Since she could not find any skincare products that really met her requirements, Isabel was soon convinced to go on this adventure together and not much later CÎME was born.”


What exactly does Cîme stand for?


We use natural and certified organic ingredients that make your skin look radiant and healthy.


Our products are designed to deliver effective results without irritating the skin.


Our ingredients, prototypes and products are never tested on animals.



How do I know what care my skin needs?

“To make it easier for our customers, we developed a skin type test that tells what the ideal skincare routine and cream is for your skin type. We have translated these different routines into three skincare packages. Thanks to this test you will learn more about your skin type and you will find the appropriate products to take the best care of your skin. Depending on your skin type (sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin, oily skin or combination skin) it is better to avoid certain products or to use them regularly.”


What tips can you give us to take better care of our skin and maybe keep it young longer?

Tip 1: Adjust your skincare depending on the seasons
With the change of seasons, it is better to adjust your skin care as well. When it is colder, your skin needs extra protection and hydration. In the warmer months, your skin produces more oil and tallow, which certainly doesn’t mean you should stop moisturizing your skin. But in the summer months, opt for a lighter cream or gel to keep your face fresh.


TIP 2: Protect your skin all year round!
Protect your skin from free radicals. Our creams contain a natural sun protection, equivalent to SPF 10 to 15, thanks to the ingredients edelweiss and sea buckthorn. When the sun shines brighter, especially in summer of course, we recommend using an organic sunscreen.


TIP 3: Bye Bye dead skin cells!
When winter is almost over, it’s time to get rid of some dead skin cells by exfoliating your body. This stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. This will give you soft and rejuvenated skin.


TIP 4: Your skin radiates what you eat!
Your skin is the largest organ that sends a signal when something is wrong with your diet. That’s why it’s important to eat healthy in addition to taking good care of it. For example, your skin loves antioxidants. Foods that are enormously rich in antioxidants, such as Açai, help to keep your skin healthy and prevent wrinkles. So keep those Açai bowls coming.



By the way, did you know that Açai is also very often used in skin care products? This is because of the high concentration of antioxidants and essential oils hidden in these unique berries.



Holy Bery - Insentials

Holy Berry and Insentials meet

Amandine De Paepe, nutritionist, biomedicalist and founder of Insentials, tells us in this blog about how she helps women to lead a healthy life by supplementing nutrient deficiencies.

95% of women suffer from a vitamin deficiency. This fact is one of the reasons of the foundation of Insentials. Our starting point is that every woman is unique just as her body. It is therefore important that we learn to understand our body and that we discover our specific needs. That is why I developed a scientifically substantiated and unique self-test with which you get a personal vitamin plan that is based on targeted questions.” – Amandine de Paepe from Insentials –

How did Insentials come about?

“I have had a great passion for nutrition and health from an early age. I successfully marketed a number of nutritional supplements during my career as a biomedical and nutritionist in the pharmaceutical sector. This fueled my passion for supplements and nutrition and that is why I decided to launch Insentials in 2021.

What do you want to achieve with Insentials?

“Taking vitamins is important, but it is even more important to know which combinations are possible, that is exactly the strength of Insentials In addition to a dose of Smart Insentials, we will give youa personal test that will clearly show which vitamins your body needs. This will not only help you to be healthier, but also help you to feel better. That’s my goal with Insentials. I want to help women preventively and in a holistic way to supplement their deficiencies and essential vitamins. This help will be based on a personal screening.”


What exactly is “Smart Insentials Vitamins”?

“This multivitamin only contains nutrients that you really need. Most multivitamins contain 20+ ingredients that are dosed too low. Besides that, you already have enough of them true your daily food. Our vitamins contain only 6, in optimal dosage. This gives you a better vitamin absorption in your body.”


In your practice you work holistically. We also see this reflected in the Insentials logo. What do the 5 dots of the Insentials logo represent?
  • Eten (food): Healthy food is the foundation of a healthy life.
  • Exercise: A well-functioning body also needs its dose of exercise.
  • Expertise: You should not just take medication, but have the right knowledge.
  • Ecologie: The vitamins are supplied in attractive, refillable glass jars.
  • Essentialise:Healthy food is no longer sufficient these days. You also need supplements.

Those 5 “e” holistic approach ensures that every point gets the necessary attention and that everything is done as it should be.


Holy Berry believes that a healthy body is a well-functioning body. Still, you recomend to detox your body regularly? Why do you think this is so important?

“A detox cure helps your body eliminate toxins. Your liver needs energy, which it gets from antioxidants such as vitamins and minerals, to reset your body. One of the most powerful antioxidants is Glutathione. This substance neutralizes free radicals and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Indispensable if you want to keep your body clean!

In addition, detoxing not only has a positive effect on your body but also resets your mind. I especially recommend taking a detox cure with every change of season.”


We have a box that specifically bets on this. What exactly does the Detox Boost of Insentials consist of?

“Our Detox Boost is a proven antioxidant supplement for the liver. This helps to detoxify your body in an efficient & natural way. This detox will make you feel more energetic, something that everyone would like. Our Detox Boost contains milk thistle, artichoke, choline and glutathione for optimal liver detox and elimination of your body toxins.”


We have already heard and seen that you are a fan of our Acai berries! That is really great! Why do you like Açai ?

“It is a high nutrient and has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The Acai berry is a superfood that I like to have for breakfast. Despite being a strong supporter of intermittent fasting, I have to eat in the morning. I always get up very early. That is why breakfast is one of the most important meals of my day. Holy Berry products are very practical for this. Very healthy and quickly ready!”


Do you want to discover more about Insentials? Discover their website!



Interview with Lynn De Merlier about her new book “The Immunity Plan”

Hi Lynn, thanks for this interview! Would you like to briefly introduce yourself? 🙂

I’m Lynn De Merlier from “Goesting in Gezondheid.” I am an osteopath and orthomolecular nutritionist, with a practice in Lokeren. Since childhood I have been fascinated by the human body and in addition to my practice I was (and still am) constantly looking for new challenges. I launched my own granola brand “Lynn’s granola” and am the author of two books. In 2018, “Goesting in Health,” a book for peaceful bowels, was released. And last week my second book “The Immunity Plan” came out. Additionally, for several years I was the regular nutrition expert for NINA magazine, make vlogs for Libelle Lekker and regularly give lectures and presentations for companies. And who knows what the future will bring 😉


Within your approach, the main focus is the link between the gut flora and the general state of health. Why this focus on gut flora?

As an osteopath and orthomolecular therapist, I look at the human being as a whole. I look beyond the symptoms, and look for the cause. Often the cause of a resumption of symptoms lies in the intestines. An example : Stress makes our intestinal wall more permeable. If chronic stress is present, then the intestinal wall will let through more than is good for you. This is a breeding ground for allergies and an overactive immune system. Too one-sided (Western) diet is also not good for your intestinal wall. That’s why variety is so important. So an açaí bowl in the morning is a good alternative to favored breakfasts with bread.


You were one of the first to bring attention to this link. How were the reactions to that because surely you were a pioneer in that field?

Very good! From the grateful responses I received (and continue to receive) from readers of my book “Goesting in Health,” I could tell that I have made a lot of people wiser and really helped them with my tips and advice. It is also often a subject that people find somewhat embarrassing to talk about. I make all of that discussable. In my practice, there is no shyness to talk about flatulence, your bowel movements or rumblings in the belly. And believe me, there are a lot more people who suffer from gut problems than you think.


How would you define your approach and what makes it unique compared to the many other, so called professional, views and treatments?

I look at people as a whole and I look for the cause of their complaints. That’s where I make the biggest difference! I take my time for that. I really listen to people, map out their ailments and then work on finding the cause. I set up a treatment plan and we get to work. Such a treatment plan can range from osteopathic treatments, supplemented with nutritional recommendations, and/or lifestyle counseling. Because if I work on the bowels manually, but no attention is paid to nutrition, then it’s mopping up.


In your brand new book “The Immunity Plan” you go one step further and explain how important immunity is to overall health. To do this, you work on the basis of 5 pillars. Why these 5 and what is the vision behind this?

In my book, I make a strong link between health, immunity, and human evolution. Our way of life has changed dramatically over the past few centuries. We don’t travel around like we used to and only collect food from the supermarket. The pace of all the evolutions is so fast that our genes can no longer keep up with this new way of life. Our lifestyle no longer matches our bodies. And this is strongly reflected in five domains that also form the five sections of this book. To keep it as practical as possible, I developed the REMEET model. The letters of REMEET stand for the five domains you can address : Rhythm : about biorhythm and sleep, Exercise : about exercise, Mindset : about the balance between exercise and relaxation, Extra Energy : about detoxification and Taste : about nutrition.


“Taste” (nutrition) is one of the pillars. Since we are a food brand, we would like to hear what is central to this pillar.

That chapter is about variety, unprocessed foods, and making healthy choices that are good for your body and help your immune system work optimally. I don’t believe in black lists of foods you should never eat. Just as I don’t believe in crash diets and extreme nutrition advice. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to foods to avoid, it’s about just about anything that falls under the heading of “processed foods. Processed foods full of additives such as flavorings, colorings and preservatives. The big problem with such nutrition is that it is all made very palatable. But this way we get much less nutrients like fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. If your diet consists mainly of unprocessed food, contains enough fiber, not too many quick sugars and is very varied, then you are doing well anyway 😉 Choose organic and fresh products as much as possible. Also, learn about new foods regularly. The Açai is another great example of this!

Açai, like many other pure and unprocessed natural products, is an ingredient you’ll love to put on your menu. What appeals to you so much in the nutritional profile of this berry species?

Besides being delicious and versatile, they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. So it’s the perfect combination of delicious and healthy. Almost too good to be true. They also contain a high amount of omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid and very important for the functioning of our immune system.


How do you prefer to eat your Açai and do you have a tip for an easy and quick way to get your dose of Açai power in? 

I eat an açai bowl for breakfast at least 3x a week. That’s very easy to make. Coconut yogurt, açai, banana and topped off with my own Totally Nuts granola. The “No mixer” smoothie bowl drops I’m definitely going to try too. That will also be a hit in our family! I also love experimenting. From brownies with açai to açai ice creams,…you name it. It is a very versatile product.



“No mixer” smoothie bowl gamma – Out now!

It is with great pride that we introduce the two new jewels in the Holy Berry range:

Our “No mixer” smoothie bowls


And if they are jewels! We are happy to explain the idea behind this new range in this short but powerful blog.

Start at the beginning

What is a smoothie bowl? A preparation based on (frozen) fruit mixed with some liquid or (plantbased) yoghurt that is usually finished off with toppings such as granola, seeds, nut paste, coconut flakes, fresh fruit, … A smoothie bowl is an ideal breakfast to kick-start your day but can be eaten throughout the day, even up to dessert. When you use frozen fruit pieces for your smoothie bowl, it has a slightly frozen texture, which reminds you of a delicious ice cream. And who wouldn’t want that for breakfast!

It literally takes 3 minutes to prepare and you really don’t need a super deluxe blender. A large pot and a powerful hand blender will do the trick! And that is precisely why smoothie bowls are so popular with children and their parents. It is an enormously nutritious breakfast that can be prepared in minutes and for the whole family. Pour everything together, mix it up, put toppings on the table and finish off! Delicious, easy and ooooh-so healthy. Sometimes, you CAN have the cake and eat it too 🙂




Açai bowl als the queen of the smoothie bowls

Açai, you know, that super healthy blueberry full of nutrients with a unique taste. Well, we think these berries are essential in the perfect smoothie bowl. Why is that? Well, because Açai is so rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids but while also low in natural sugars, this berry variety provides long-lasting satiety. Try it yourself and you will see, no hungerpains in the next few hours. So it should come as no surprise that we have incorporated our Açai berries into this new range. As there can only be one Holy Berry, Amen!



Fancy a smoothie bowl but…

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you want it to and there are obstacles that prevent you from preparing your smoothie bowl.

Here are some possible scenarios:

OR You are in the mood for a delicious and healthy smoothie bowl but you are “mixer-less” (yes, that’s a thing)

OR You’re in a super rush and the very idea of having to take out the blender to prepare your smoothie bowl causes you extra stress (don’t need that).

OR You don’t want to make any noise at all because the kids and/or your partner are still sleeping and the sound of the hand blender is not really a cosy alarm clock (as if cosy alarm clocks existed…NOT)


Here’s our solution:

Our 2 “no mixer” smoothie bowls!With these 2 (if we may say so ourselves) delicious products, you can prepare your smoothie bowl in no time. Did we say “make”? There is no making to it! The bags contain balls (also called “drops” after their respective drop shapes) that contain all the ingredients of a super deluxe smoothie bowl. From our very own Açai (dahhh!) to other topfruits like pink pitaya, blueberries, passion fruit, sweet cherry, …and even some plantbased yoghurt for that extra creamy texture. No preservatives, refined sugars or animal products (vegan, in other words) and with our premium and sustainable Açai berries incorporated.



The manual

There has never been such a short manual. In one sentence, all the guidance you need:Pour the desired amount of drops into a bowl, let them thaw, stir and finish with toppings!
Defrosting can be done the night before, but it is also possible to defrost it briefly in the microwave. The thawed drops then get a nice yoghurt thickness, ideal to carry that mountain of toppings (choosing is losing).
As promised: No other ingredients or mixer required. Well, we couldn’t help it if you choose a name like that… 😉



Do you like your smoothie bowl like an ice cream?

We get you! And of course this can be done too. Just mix the frozen drops with some water, (plantbased) milk or yoghurt et voila! Jouw extra frisse smoothie bowl is klaar! We may not call it a “no mixer” smoothie bowl, but who cares! As long as it is enjoyed in all its fragrance and colours! And speaking of colours, these 2 smoothie bowls each have a beautiful colour, which steals the slogan “Colours your day” right from VTM!





Go get them and enjoy, our friends! We hope you will like them!

From September 2021 we will start to make the Spar shops customers one by one (feel free to ask for that extra push) and from November in all OKAY shops!

Bye’kes & Love,

Het Holy Berry team

Elke Van Den Borre

Interview with travelblogster Elke Van Den Borre

We are back with a fun interview for you! This time we talked with the cheerful Açai-lover Elke Van Den Borre. Elke became a model at a young age and grew into a travelblogster. Today, she is the proud owner of her own travel agency called Soul & Charm. In this interview you will learn more about how Elke got into the travelblog world, what impact Corona has had on her life and she also gives away a few travel tips.


Hi Elke, first of all, thank you for making time for this interview! As usual, we ask you to give a short summary of who you are and what you do professionally.

I am Elke Van Den Borre, 34 years old. I studied beauty care in high school and after that I immediately started modeling. I was a self-employed full-time model until one and a half year ago. Because of my big passion for traveling, I started my own travel agency Soul & Charm in 2020. I do this full-time now, and I still do some modeling occasionally.

How did you end up in the travel blog world?

I kind of fell into it. Back in the day, what I posted on Instagram was actually a mix of my modeling and traveling, and then I noticed that my travel photos had much more success than my other photos. People often search for something inspiring, something different than what they have already seen. Modeling was nothing new. A photo in profile doesn’t move people, or at least not one of mine. [laughs]

Were you already an avid traveler?

Yes, I have always been that way since childhood. We always traveled within Europe and I dreamed of traveling far and getting to know new cultures. I think it’s fantastic to immerse myself in the culture, so that I feel like I’ve really been there. I also must have seen the whole country. That is why I always sleep in different places and that way you discover new places too.

You already mentioned that your work mainly consists of modeling on the one hand and travel blogging on the other. Do you also have another activity?

A couple of months before Corona I founded Soul & Charm. I started that because in the past I never found what I was truly looking for in a travel agency. They often offered me large, all-in hotels and on top of that they were expensive too. My search for something affordable combined with something charming, something with a soul in it, often led to nothing.

And then you founded Soul & Charm. What does Soul & Charm stand for and who is it intended for?

Soul & Charm stands for travel with charm. Just think of boutique hotels, glamping, ecolodges… Everything with a lot of charm, but not unaffordable. The focus mainly lies on the ‘better’ middle class. Most of my clients are couples who want something romantic. In addition, I also occasionally have families who are looking for something different, something unique to do with their children. It’s really a full-time job, and I still do some modeling too. So you may say I’m very busy right now!

To what extent has your world, and have your activities changed in the past Corona year?

I started Soul & Charm a few months before Corona and it went very well right away. But then Corona hit and everything came to a stop of course. I had no more requests for several months, after which I decided to go and travel myself. I then went to Jordan and immediately afterwards I received many requests from people who wanted to travel as well. Since then I have been super busy. However, I do notice that Belgians are more likely to opt for European destinations, while before Corona striked I booked many exotic destinations for my customers.

How do you see the travel future?

The fear of Corona is still there, which makes people having an aversion to a mass of people in large all-in hotels. That’s why I think small boutique hotels will (keep) ‘booming’. Overall I think the travel sector will continue to grow. I notice that people are increasingly looking for luxury and unique travel experiences than really material things, and that is something the travel sector can provide an answer to! You might say I think the travel future is looking bright.

Do you have some tips for our fans who want to get into travel blogging?

I think it’s very important to maintain your own style. Of course you can always find inspiration from others, but give it a personal twist so that people recognize you immediately. Moreover, it is crucial to choose one niche. I personally like less ‘me’ and more background, more ‘views’. That works great for me. I think other people have to try out what works best for them.

Since you often travel yourself and have now also set up your own travel agency, would you like to share some travel tips with us?

With pleasure! I am a huge Asia fan myself. Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia… you name it! Besides that I also love the Middle East. Just think of Oman, Jordan… Moreover, it is really not expensive. In Jordan for example you have a lot of variety, such as the Dead Sea, a town called Petra… And during Corona it’s very quiet there. Petra really is a must see! It’s not a coincidence that the town is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Did you come across Açai on one of your trips and if so, how did they prepare it?

Of course! I have already come across Açai, especially in exotic destinations. Açai is often processed into a delicious smoothie bowl, with a lot of fruit and granola as toppings. Really delicious!

Finally, Elke, what is your favorite Açai dish?

I love to eat a classic Açai bowl with exotic fruits as a topping. Just think of mango, passion fruit, pineapple… I really like the sweetness. Then I sprinkle some granola on top and voilà, ready!


A huge thank you, Elke, for this interesting interview. We wish you goodluck with your travel agency Soul & Charm, your modeling work and all other future plans!

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Interview with Henri Vercruysse of Terrabeo

As usual, we have another great interview for you. This time with Henri Vercruysse, the driving force behind Terrabeo. Henri was one of the first people to give our Açai berries a chance and we will be eternally grateful for that. The reason why cooperation with Henri is so good is because we share values. Through this interview, we give you a glimpse behind the scenes at Terrabeo and hope to motivate even more people to put organic products on the menu more often.


Hello Henri, first of all thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with us. As always, we ask you to give a short introduction about yourself and your professional activities.

I am Henri Vercruysse and 6 years ago I started an organic fresh market in Ghent, called BEO market. My mission then was and still is to make organic products affordable. I am trying to do this mainly by handling the logistics differently from the currently highly fragmented organic sector. In the meantime, the team has grown considerably and now, 7 years later, we have a shop in Antwerp, 2 shops in Brussels, a purchase centre and recently also an e-commerce, all founded with the same mission in mind. Through the purchase central, we manage to offer a large proportion of the products to our customers at an affordable price.


Where did the idea of starting a fresh market come from?

The inspiration came from an organic market in Brussels called Marché des Tanneurs. It was there that my affinity with organic products grew and the idea of starting my own fresh market was born. Because the founders were good friends, I had the opportunity to do an internship there to experience at first hand how a fresh market is run. After 5 years of running BEO fresh market on my own, we decided to merge under the name Terrabeo and roll out a purchase centre and e-commerce together. The decision to join forces was made because it brings us even closer to our common goal: to make a larger segment of the population enthusiastic about organic products by making them affordable and accessible. “Organic is also for you” is a slogan that I often use. After all, organic is also just mayonnaise, oatmeal, milk, … and all sorts of other everyday foods that do not necessarily have to be special or expensive. Lowering the threshold for organic alternatives is what drives us.


What differentiates your food market from the standard organic food shop? In other words, what makes your concept so unique?

What makes us particularly unique is the way we work with our suppliers. This is done in the most direct way possible, with emphasis on the shortest possible chain. In addition, we have a limited product range and try to be the strongest partner in this, with a good selection at competitive prices. We want you to have a basket full of food for 25 euros, so we are really careful that the average purchase price does not become too high. Something that is just the objective of many shops. So when a product becomes too expensive, we often decide to stop selling it.


As you just mentioned, you work directly with certified farmers and keep the chain as short as possible. Was it a difficult task to work in this way?

Theoretically, it is not difficult, but in reality it proved to be a big challenge. Because in order to work directly, you need to be able to build up a stock and therefore you need money to pre-finance it. When you order a product from Italy, for example, it is impossible for 2 boxes but you have to order a pallet immediately. Ensuring that the money is always available for this is not easy. We really had to search for the most suitable method and, fortunately, we have found it.


Many people want to go organic more regularly, but lack information on why organic is better than non-bio and why the organic alternatives are often a bit more expensive. What do you see as the biggest differences between organic and non-organic products?

1.5 litres of pesticides a year that you put into your body, to start with. I also think that the difference in taste is enormous, especially for vegetables, fruit and dairy products. To answer the question about the additional price, there are several reasons for this. Apart from the fact that the organic sector is more fragmented, with more intermediate links and lower efficiency, the additional price is mainly due to the fact that the crops and animals have more time to grow. In addition, the yield per plant, per animal, … is lower with organic than with non-bio. Whereas a “conventional” tomato plant produces 5kg of tomatoes, an organic tomato plant produces 3kg of tomatoes. This is another reason why the taste of organic tomatoes is often better. The energy of the plant is divided over the number of tomatoes, so the fewer tomatoes, the more energy can go to those few tomatoes and therefore the better their taste will be. And that goes for everything. A final, still very important factor where organic differs from non organic, is the animal welfare. For me personally, this is the strongest argument when people ask me why they should opt for organic meat. If I really had to give one tip to people who want to give organic a chance, it would be to start with fruit and vegetables because there the financial step is less big.
And just try to make a recipe using organic products in one version and non organic products in the other and do a taste test. Be sure to use potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and courgettes because with these vegetables the taste difference is enormous!


I can imagine that because of your job you are very concerned with healthy eating. Do you pay attention to healthy and pure food in your private life?


Naturally, we focus on healthy, unprocessed food. We are not necessarily going to pay attention to the nutritional values such as the number of carbs per meal, but we will look at the quality of the products and the way they have been prepared. Now, it is not that my job has made me interested in healthy food, it is rather the other way round. It was precisely because I was interested in pure nutrition and already payed attention to that, that I made it my job.


We know from good sources that our Açai berries regularly appear on the menu at the Vercruysse family. May I ask how?

You have good sources (laughs). We usually blend your Açai berries into a smoothie We mix a few bags of melted Açai with a couple of dates, almond milk and fresh banana into a fresh smoothie. Delicious as a breakfast for the whole family or when I am “on the go”.


Finally, Henri, how would you like to see the future of the organic sector?

The goal of everyone in the organic sector is that in the future we will no longer need to use the word bio because bio has become the standard. But to achieve this, we need to raise standards and unfortunately this will not happen overnight.

Thank you very much Henri for this fascinating interview and I wish you lots of success with your future plans, especially with your web shop, which allows anyone in Belgium to have yourhigh-quality organic productsdelivered to their door. If that doesn’t make organic accessible,nothing will!Good luck!