Kickstart your day with our sacred Açai berry

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Your sunshine in a bowl

Discover one of the most nutritious berries in the world! Açai from Holy Berry contains the highest concentration of nutrients that intensely nourish the body. Get started with our products and experience the benefits of Açai for yourself!

Açai Pulp Packs

100g bevroren Holy Berry Açai pulp zakjes

With or without guarana

The ideal base for all kinds of delicious and healthy Açai dishes!

 Açai Bowl Mixes

Your Acai breakfast ready in 1-2-3

With or without cubes of fruit added

Mix frozen with yoghurt and your Açai bowl is ready!

Your sunshine in a bowl

Boordevol vitamines

Hoog in antioxidanten

No fructose

Rijk aan omega vetzuren

"Açai from Holy Berry as a daily breakfast gives us a healthy and energised start of the day."


Açai Lover

"I have been eating an Açai breakfast every day for 4 years. I feel much more energetic since then & my skin and hair looks healthier."


Açai Lover

"I've been making an Açai breakfast for my family for 4 years now, and every time it's a cozy family moment that I know I'm getting them to start the day healthy."


Açai Lover

Delicious Açai recipes!

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