Holy Berry Sponsors RSC Anderlecht

Why RSC Anderlecht? No! Not because of the purple colour! That the purple colour of Açai perfectly matches the purple colour of the club is a pleasant coincidence.

RSC Anderlecht is, as you can read in the interview with Stephanie Scheirlynck, been working on healthy nutrition for quite some time and even gives training about this topic to their players, all under the watchful eye of the club dietician, Stephanie.

They believe that a moderate, but well-founded approach to nutrition is the best guarantee for fit players and good performance. In addition, they see nutrition as a long-term investment that will pay off in any case. Clearly no quick fixes!

So it is not surprising that they are open to food that scores high on nutritional value. Natural food, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc., is regularly on the players' menu.

Açai's special composition and its tasty, versatile preparation has won the hearts of the club's chef and dietician, and for several months now, the berries have been shining almost daily on the breakfast buffet. It is one of the most favourite breakfast items, proving once again that healthy eating can also be extremely delicious and accessible. 

And no, it is not just because they have Açai on their menu that we sponsor them, but because we have strong common values! We are therefore very proud to say that the players of RSC Anderlecht start their day with our Açai! 

Wist je dat in 100g bevroren Açai pulp er duizenden Açai besjes verwerkt zitten?! 

The Açai berries consist of 95% stone and the only thing left over after pitting is the skin and the flesh just below the skin. In order to obtain 100g of pure Açai pulp, large quantities of Açai berries must be pitted, which explains why the pulp is so nutritious. 

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