Pure chocolate and pure Açai Berries, purity squared 🙂 And that's how we like it! This recipe combines 2 divine ingredients in a very original way. The fact that they are also beneficial for our body and our psyche (because all those healthy nutrients make us happy), is a gift from heaven! So try this recipe and let those happy feelings come!

  10 minutes

  2 portions

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany


  • Holy Berry -  Açai
    1 pack

  • OKONO-milkchocolate50 g

  • Coconut oil
    1/2 tbsp

  • Frozen cauliflower rice
    100 g

  • Plant-based milk (almond milk or coconut milk)170 ml

  • Vanilla powder
    1/2 tsp

  • Chia seed1 tbsp

  • Cacao powder2 tbsp

  • Frozen blueberries
    50 g


  • Peanut butter

  • OKONO-granola

  • Red fruit

How do you make it?

Step 1

Melt the OKONO-chocolate with the coconut oil au bain-marie. Now pour your chocolate along the edge of two glasses/cups/bowls into which you want to pour your smoothie. Let it cool down and harden in the fridge.

Now mix the Açai, frozen cauliflower(rice), almond- or coconut milk, vanilla powder, chia seeds, cacao powder and the frozen blueberries.

Step 2

Pour all this into your glasses/cups/bowls. Finish off with the peanut butter, OKONO-granola and red fruit.

Step 3


This recipe was created by Natalie Van den Broeck. This happy lady (how could it be otherwise with those daily portions of Açai and chocolate) shares her keto (or high-fat) diet via her inspiring Instagram page'The floor is carbs'!

The 5 chocolate bars from OKONO are one by one toppers so be sure to try this recipe with a different variant! You can order them all via their webshop!