About Açai

Açai (a-sa-ie) is a small dark berry that grows in large clusters on the Açai palm. This tree is inherent to the Amazon and the fruits have been part of the local diet for centuries. Thanks to their exceptional combination of nutrients Açai is recognized as one of the world's most nutritious berry species. Furthermore it's the ideal food source for vegetarians or vegans who find certain substances more difficult to find in their diet.


Its Orac value is more than double that of its blueberry brother. The Orac value represents the amount of antioxidants in food. Among other things, antioxidants help the body function properly and protect cells from free radicals and cell damage.


The characteristic dark, almost black color is due to the high amount of anthocyanin in the peel. The more intense the color of a food, the more they have an antioxidant effect and the more nutritious they are. 

Low sugar

Very low in natural sugars and therefore very suitable for people with insulin sensitivity.

Full of fiber

They contain a lot of fiber. 100g of Açai contains 25% of the recommended daily allowance.