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What is Holy Berry's Açai? 

Açai berries, the delicious purple fruits originating from the Açai palm tree in the lush Amazon rainforest, are known for their nutritious properties and unique taste. However, not all Açai pulp is the same.

At Holy Berry, we understand the essence of quality, which is why our Açai is harvested from the wild by local tribes in the pristine Amazon region. This careful wild harvesting ensures unparalleled purity and freshness.

What makes our Açai even more special is that the berries belong to the "Special Grade" quality category. This means that our Açai has the highest proportion of pure pulp, preserving all its natural nutrients, flavor, and rich color.

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Discover the Power of Açai:
A Nutritious Delight!

Açai, the exotic purple gem from the Amazon region, harbors a range of health benefits. This delightful berry is naturally low in sugar, making it an excellent choice for conscious eaters.

What makes Açai even more special is the abundance of nutrients it contains. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, it nourishes your body and supports your well-being.

Açai is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants, including anthocyanins, which help combat free radicals and protect your cells from harmful influences.

En last but certainly not least, de geconcentreerde Açai pulp bevat hoge hoeveelheden essentiële omega vetzuren (3,6 en 9) die onmisbaar zijn voor de optimale werking van lichaam en geest. 

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How do I make an Açai Bowl?

It's very simple! Put the Açai Pure Pack or Açai Berries  in a bowl, add plant-based yogurt and fruit, blend the mixture, add your toppings, and your refreshing Açai bowl is ready to enjoy.

No time to cut or blend fruits? 

Discover our time-saving and delicious solutions: Açai Bowl MixesJust add yogurt, blend the mixture, and your refreshing Açai bowl is ready to enjoy.

And for ultimate convenience, we also offer our ready-to-eat No Mixer Smoothie BowlsSimply let them thaw, add your toppings, and enjoy without any hassle!


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Our Range

Discover the versatile range of Holy Berry products, brimming with delicious and nutritious options that give your health a boost.

Açai Pulp Packs

Enjoy our Açai Pure Packs, a perfect combination of 100g of pure Açai pulp, with or without invigorating guarana juice. Unleash your creativity and craft your favorite Açai bowl by blending the frozen pulp or use the thawed version in delightful sweet and savory dishes.

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Açai Bowl Mixes

Experience the convenience of our ready-to-eat Açai Bowl Mixes! These delightful blends are already prepared with fruit; simply add yogurt, blend it all together, add toppings, and your flavorful Açai bowl is ready to enjoy. Quick, easy, and oh so delicious!


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No Mixer Smoothie Bowl

Ontdek het summum van gemak met onze No Mixer Smoothie Bowl! Geen gedoe met mixen; laat hem gewoon ontdooien en voeg je favoriete toppings toe. Ideaal voor drukke ochtenden, wanneer je onderweg bent naar het werk of gewoon een gezond tussendoortje nodig hebt.

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