Açai Mix - Mango & Raspberry (150g)

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V Açai, Mango & Raspberry
V Full with Antioxidants
V Ready in 2 minutes

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Açai Mix - Mango & Raspberry gets a Nutri-Score A. 

Açai, Mango & Raspberry

Energy  - 84 kcal/352kj

Fats  - 4,0g     (Saturated Fat - 1,0g)

Carbohydrates  - 10,0g. (Of which  9,6g sugars) 

Fibers - 2,2g

Protein - 0,9g

Salt  - 0,0g

Instructions for use - 1 bowl

STEP 1: Pour the content into a bowl or blender and add the yogurt (100g), milk or juice.

STEP 2: Mix in a blender or with a stick blender until smooth.

STEP 3:  Finish with toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, seeds, nuts, ...

Do you prefer a smoothie? 
Use milk or juice instead of yogurt until you get a drinkable consistency.