About our products

Why our belief in these superfoods?

Because nature has been able to take its course in the beautiful, green environments where they grow, free from manipulation and exploitation, the raw materials that can be found there are simply extraordinary in terms of nutritional value and taste. Our bodies need these nutrients more than ever, so we have no good reason not to include them on our menu.

Benefits galore but we understand your question. Being the true researcher that you are, you obviously want to know what you are putting into your body. You want to shine, be full of energy and feel like a superhero. Well, join the club. What we can say is that Açai is one of the foods that really nourishes your body. We listed all the benefits for you in the section “About  Açai ”.

This refers to the high concentrations of nutrients such as antioxidants (vitamins, minerals,...) and essential fatty acids that our products contain by definition. They nourish the body in a way that not all foods can and therefore putting them on your menu every now and then is just a real must!

We currently have 4 ranges, one by one toppers!

The first range is our Açai Pulp Packs.
These are bags of 100g Açai pulp with or without guarana juice. 
The shape of these bags can be compared to a mobile phone and that is why many customers call them the mobile phone bags. 🙂
1 bag is the ideal basis for preparing 1 Açai bowl or smoothie. Break the frozen pulp into pieces and mix with fruit of your choice and plant-based yoghurt and top with granola!

Our second range is the Açai Bowl Mixes
The Açai pulp is the same as in the packs but we gave it its original bear-like form back (so no more mobile phone shape :)). For 2 of the 3 products in this range, other pieces of fruit have been added but 100g of the 150g is Açai so an intense Açai tast is guaranteed! For an Açai bowl, just mix with yogurt and finish off with granola!

The third range is the  “No Mixer” Smoothie Bowls.  These are drops in which all the ingredients for a delicious smoothie bowl have already been mixed together for you. Of course they contain our Açai berries, but also other top fruits like passion fruit, pink pitaya and sweet cherry. 
Just let it melt on or under a layer of yoghurt,  finish it off with granola and that's it!
You will find this range in the larger Spar shops.

Our fourth range is the Breakfast Bowls. These are handy cups that contain all the ingredients for a nutritious breakfast. They are the perfect solution against the morning rush because there is no preparation needed. Just let them defrost over night in the fridge or 10 minutes in the microwave and you're ready to go! 
You can find these products at your local Delhaize store.

This is through a technique called IQF: Individually quick freezing. This involves pouring the Açai pulp into molds and freezing it very quickly at a very low temperature. If you want to know more, read all about it on this page from Wikipedia .

All our Açai products are EU organic certified, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and free from refined sugars.

We are very much aware of this and therefore constantly looking for alternatives to plastic and other polluting materials. However, the number of existing alternatives for packaging in deep freeze temperatures is still very limited. Our promise to you is that we will continue to look for the most ecological solution and that profit is secondary to the well-being of our beautiful earth. 

No, only the shape differs. Where the Açai pulp in the Packs has a bar shape, the Açai pulp in the Açai Bowl Mixes has a ball/berry shape. 

Transportation is the Achilles' heel of our business. That's why we don't want to bring just anything up to here. The heavier ecological footprint of freight transportations is only justified if we transport something worthwhile. The common denominator of all products of Holy Berry is: "honestly healthy". Not really original maybe but 100% true. There is no product we offer that does not meet our three requirements:

  • Delicious -> “healthy suffering” is not for us 
  • Fair -> transparency, fair trade & respecting our planet
  • Healthy -> no hypes, but food that really nourishes

Açai can also become one of the biggest weapons in the fight against deforestation of the Amazon forest, of course only when it is Açai that comes from sustainable and fair trade, with preference for wild harvest.

Our products are frozen and can therefore be kept in the freezer for months to years. 

A short guide to our products

This is because you are going to mix the Açai pulp (half) frozen with the other ingredients. Also, adding (plant-based) yoghurt (instead of milk or juice) keeps the texture thicker longer. If you want even more of an ice cream texture, add frozen fruit instead of fresh fruits. You will need to add a little more yoghurt or juice to make the mixing go smoothly.                      

No, absolutely not! A regular hand mixer does the trick. Just let the frozen ingredients defrost a little longer (about 5 minutes) before mixing. If it is still difficult, wait a little longer before continuing or add a little more yoghurt, juice or milk. Be careful, work in bits because otherwise you risk making the Açai bowl too runny.                      

First and foremost, let us say that we find it strange that you have any leftover at all :). After all, we devour our Açai bowl in minutes :). But, to answer this question, you can certainly keep the leftover Açai in the fridge until the next day even. Best in a sealed jar. Don't expect the texture to be like before though. It will be more like a smoothie that you can drink. Perhaps mix a few spoonfuls of (plant-based) yoghurt under the Açai leftovers to obtain some extra thickness. You can also dilute it with milk if you want a thin smoothie. Just shake well and you're done! Some nutrients will have gone but Açai is so full of them that there is still more than enough in it to provide your body with the beneficial effects. 

Dat kan zeker, op voorwaarde dat je niet aan de andere kant van het land moet zijn :). Een Açai bowl kan zeker tegen een stootje maar de dikkere textuur (door de bevroren Açai) zal wel afzwakken naargelang de uren verstrijken. Op zich niets ergs aan, een vloeibare Açai bowl (aka smoothie) vinden wij persoonlijk even lekker! Werken met een thermos is wel een goede tip om de bevroren textuur zo lang mogelijk te bewaren.

Ons nieuwste gamma, de Breakfast Bowls, zijn speciaal ontworpen voor "on-the-go". Haal ze de avond ervoor uit de diepvries en laat ontdooien in de frigo, of plaats voor 10 minuutjes in de microgolf op ontdooi stand en hup klaar om mee te nemen!

Ja, dat kan zeker maar ze zullen over de nacht gesmolten zijn. Een echte Açai bowl zal dus moeilijk worden (die wordt immers verkregen door het bevroren mixen van de Açai) maar je kan de ontdooide producten perfect in een smoothie, yoghurt of havermout bowl verwerken. Ook in zoute gerechtjes wordt vaak gebruik gemaakt van gesmolten Açai in de vorm van een coulis, vinaigrette, …Je kan de gesmolten producten (ongeopend weliswaar) tot 2 dagen bewaren in de frigo.

Daarentegen zijn de Breakfast Bowls ideaal om de avond ervoor uit de diepvries te halen. In de ochtend zijn ze ontdooid en klaar om op te eten of mee te nemen voor "on-the-go".

Right answer: ANY TIME IN THE DAY!

Somewhat more nuanced answer:
 You can actually eat Açai at any time of the day. An Açai bowl is an ideal start of the day because the berries boost your system and take you well past noon without hunger. Açai is also ideal before or after exercise because it strengthens, repairs and protects the muscles. We ourselves eat Açai every day for breakfast or as a snack and we guarantee to serve it to our guests as a delicious light and original dessert. But as already mentioned, Açai can be eaten in all forms and at all times! As a classic Açai bowl, melted in as shake or warm oatmeal, or as an ingredient in a salty dish... But the really best time to eat Açai is... (an inside joke) NOW!

Yes, and preferably ten packets a day... No, if you want to enjoy the benefits it's enough to devour an Açai bowl a few times a week, or for example every time after exercising. We eat Açai on average once or twice a day but we are of course "Açai diehards". Our Açai products are the perfect complement to a lifestyle full of plant-based and unprocessed foods. You're going to feel good and glow but that certainly won't be because of our Açai berries alone. When you take care of your health, you take care of yourself and that will automatically just make you happier. We don't have any maximum or minimum guidelines but of course we don't rule out that you will automatically start increasing that amount of Açai consumption.

 Great! ! You’re already starting to find your Açai bowls a little too normal. That means you’re well on your way in the Açai bowl’ing club and so now looking for some fun variety to devour our delicious Açai in even more ways.
Click here for our recipe booklet full of delicious dishes or get inspired by the many recipes on the recipes page and on our Instagram page

Are the products suitable for children and if so, from what age?

Yes absolutely, in fact they are highly recommended! And especially for breakfast! Research shows that children do not eat a nutritious breakfast, which makes them crave unhealthy snacks.

In addition, children (and adults) often lack omega fatty acids, while these are so important for optimal brain development. An Açai bowl or smoothie is an ideal way to get children to eat all kinds of foods, without them even realizing it 😉 So you can incorporate nut pastes, oatmeal, (vegetable) yogurts, all kinds of fruits and yes, even vegetables into an Açai bowl. As long as the fresh and thicker texture (because you’re going to mix some ingredients frozen) is preserved, they’ll be happy to slide at the table. Açai is recommended for children as young as 1 year old. This is the recommended age to introduce a wide range of berry varieties into a baby’s diet.

All our products can be eaten when you are pregnant. They are even very good to eat for you and your little one! 

Don't panic, you wouldn't be the only one... One of the side effects we are only too happy to vouch for is that our products may make you daydream about exotic destinations. Not only do they taste delicious, but they also make you feel good inside. Rainforest wanderlust is part of the Holy Berry experience!

About our webshop: ordering & delivering

How do I order something at Holy Berry?

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When you place your order, you will see a calendar function and can choose your preferred delivery time. You can choose Wednesday or Saturday depending on when you place your order. 


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Yes, we do! We deliver throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. 

On the morning of the delivery moment you will receive an email with the Track & Trace. This allows you to track your package and keep informed of the delivery time. As soon as the parcel is 60 to 30 minutes away from you, you will receive a text message saying 'We are almost there'. If you have any questions about your delivery on the day itself, you can contact our logistics partner at 079 363 4160.

The products are delivered in a cardboard box and because they are frozen products, it is very important that someone is at home to receive them.

Unfortunately we cannot deliver when you are not at home. We do not leave products behind in case of absence, not even with neighbours, postal service etc. A new delivery slot will have to be created. You can do this by sending your order number and all details to office@theholyberry.com.

After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via your e-mail. If you have not received it, please check your junk mail/spam. If this is not the case, please contact office@theholyberry.com.

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